Nike AF1 Shadow Dupe Light Green Pistachio Spruce Aura

Nike AF1 Shadow Dupe | Pistachio ‘Spruce Aura’

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I have had my eyes on these light green shoes for so long but was determined to find a high quality Nike AF1 Shadow Dupe so I wouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars. This DHgate find exceeded my expectations and I think they look so similar to my real ones!

This was my first purchase from DHgate, and I was a little worried the shipping and quality. I thought they would end up looking super fake, but they turned out great! The shipping took about a month to get to California, but they had good tracking. I was able to see all of the packages updates through 17Track.

I have the Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low shoes in White and they are so similar to this Nike AF1 Shadow Dupe! The sole of the shoe is an exact replica. The only differences I have noticed (besides the shadow style) is the side wall rubber being squishier than the originals. The toe box is also a bit boxier and less tapered than my original AF1’s. From the sides they are identical.

Nike AF1 Shadow Dupe

In the DHgate listing, the shoe had no logos. It looked almost photoshopped away, so I was expecting the logos to be on the shoe when they arrived. This is super common for DHgate listings and they do this to avoid copyright issues. I have seen a lot of Gucci knock offs advertised without the listing that arrive with all logos and branding.

dhgate nike af1 shadow dupe

The first day I wore the Nike AF1 Shadow Dupe, I styled them with my favorite one shoulder top from my summer basic tops. I got so many compliments and people couldn’t believe they weren’t genuine Nikes.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Spruce Aura White Dupes for under 50 dollars

After comparing these shoes to the authentic shoe on StockX, I noticed each detail is so close to the original. Each logo is exactly the same as the photos of the real shoe. The genuine Nikes are being sold on StockX for over $500 in my size, so I was stoked to find them for under $50.

I highly recommend these Nike AF1 Shadow Dupes! I think they are such a cute shoe for summer and a nice way to add a little color to your outfit.

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