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How to Make Money on Pinterest | Idea Pins

If you are wondering how to make money on Pinterest you are in the right place. There are many ways to Monetize your social media, and vertical format videos, such as TikTok and Reel content can be quickly and easily be repurposed into Pinterest Idea Pins.

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How to Make Money on Pinterest

how to make money on pinterest | monetize social media, idea pins


You need to set up a Pinterest Business Account in order to be eligible for the Creator Rewards Program. You also need to meet the following criteria:

  • Use the Pinterest App on your mobile phone
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be located in the US
  • Have at lease 1,000 followers on Pinterest
  • Have created at least 3 Idea Pins
  • Create Original Content

If you pass all of these qualifications, you can access the available opportunities in the Pinterest Business Hub under the ‘Earn’ tab. You have to fill out some tax and payment information.

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There are around 5 opportunities each month and they have separate qualifications for each post to be eligible. For example, one required that you add the phrase “My Pinspiration” to the details of the Idea Pin, and it had to include at least one video, and be at lease 3 slides.


I have seen the payment range between $100 – $3,000 for Idea Pins. It varies based on the requirements. For example, one might require that you post 3 Idea Pins that are very specific (pays more) or it might only be that you get 10 comments on the Idea Pin (pays less)

They have new opportunities each month, and they are limited to 2,000 creators, so you have to submit quickly if you want to be considered.

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