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    Alan Davis ~ Best Beaches on Oahu

    Alan Davis is one of my favorite beaches on Oahu. It’s so easy to get to, it’s never crowded, and the water is crystal clear. It’s nice to have a break from waves and it’s a great place to go if you’re wanting to swim in deep water and not really have to worry about shore break. To get there, you park in the same parking lot as you would for the lighthouse trail, but instead of taking the paved road up to the left, you go down on the gravel to the right. It is a pretty easy to follow path and will take you to some bushes where…

  • Summertime in Kauai

    Favorite memories from summertime in Kauai Living on Kauai during the summer months is so great! Summertime in Kauai is my Favorite time of year. The fishing is amazing and there are some fun little waves on the North Shore and bigger swells on the south side. For more Hawaii Videos, check out my favorite memories from living on O’ahu while attending the University of Hawaii at Mānoa.